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Web Content Management

Content is the king

Few comments about an Intranet solution:

  • I don’t see nothing suggesting a search other that a hyperlink at the bottom of the page, today search it’s so important and valuable to support, need to see what’s the vision on that
  • The resource section clearly suggest some level of functionality or dependency with other important sections of the Intranet solution, we need to make sure we understand the scope or expectation of each specific piece of data or content, the majority of the links are under construction.
  • The current graphic proposal has the main page but we also need to see the layout of the content page, it’s very important to identify what information is going to be presented on each content section of the portal
  • I don’t see presence of social initiatives like twitter, youtube, facebook, linked in and so on. I think that’s also very important to include on today’s web initiatives
  • The main page shows a title and a brief description about a message from xyz  person, so in my opinion that’s a content section that has to be dynamic and able to change over the time with important messages or information, so I don’t see no navigation icons or expanse collapse options to see the detail of the message.

The graphic design it’s engaging so that’s a strength and congratulations for xyz  people, but the content is the king of any Web Content Management initiative and in my opinion so far is we have a weakness on the content.