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Get the members of specific Office 365 role

Good day, this time I was asked to retrieve who the Company Administrators and SharePoint Service Administrators are from customer tenant.  The following is the steps I’ve used to deliver the requested Info:

  • I downloaded the Microsoft Online Service Sign-In Assistant from the following URL https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=286152, proceeded to install
  • Install the Azure Active Directory for Windows PowerShell Module, as an Administrator loaded the PowerShell console and executed the Install-Module MSOnline command, specified yes, “Y” two times, first for NuGet and then for Untrusted Repository
  • Inside the PowerShell session, executed the following PowerShell commands:
  1. Import-Module MSOnline
  2. Connect-MsolService this command loaded an authentication window, you need to provide credentials
  3. Get-MsolRole, this command will list all the Office 365 roles, make sure you identify the one you need and copy the Object ID value
  4. Get-MsolRoleMember -RoleObjectId “rol ID” this command will display who the members of the role are






I’ll speak at SharePoint Saturday Mexico City 2016



On February 6, 2016 I am going to participate as speaker at SharePoint Saturday Mexico City. I am thrill to participate as speaker and be able to share experiences around some of my favorite topics like Nintex Workflows, ECM and Office 365 groups with the community.

I will present three sessions in Spanish, so here are the titles:

  • The modern office and the rise of dynamic teams
  • Beyond InfoPath: Forms-Driven Workflow Solutions with Nintex
  • Leverage SharePoint Online and Office 365 for Records Management

So, if you live and Mexico City and work as a SharePoint Administrator, SharePoint Consultant or Solution Architect please come by and join me, my plan is to share applicable and real world experiences around Nintex, ECM and Office 365 groups in Spanish “including demos”, so se you there.

Please register at: http://www.spsevents.org/city/mexicocity/mexicocity2016

Consider the cloud

Recently I came across the stage to support collaboration between internal and external users in Office 365 environment. Basically we are talking about an extranet scenario where you need to allow a group of employees of an organization to work with different people outside the organization, are you familiar?

It is well known that SharePoint 2010 supports functionality features to attack extranet scenarios including authentication. As it happens, Microsoft Office 365 already configured authentication provider of Windows Live with which we can make users with Microsoft Windows Live account to access our SharePoint portal without us having to provision, manage, or maintain access credentials.

Some companies create active directory accounts for customers or suppliers and also ask SharePoint developers to develop webparts to allow the external user to change the domain account directly from the extra net portal. Personally I think that exposing the AD for an external update your data via a programming interface is not for me.

In this video I show how SharePoint 2010 Online Office 365 makes setting Extranet scenario by supporting authentication with Windows Live. Of course, thanks for watching this video and do not forget to subscribe.

Configure External User Access