How to make some other security groups the default ones in SharePoint and SharePoint Online

This week had the opportunity to learn how to configure some other security groups in SharePoint to be the default ones on a given site. Had the scenario where some Site Collection Administrators needed to create beforehand new security groups and assign the members. Then when new sub site was created admin selected the specific security groups, but what happen with the other sites that already exists?  In those cases we use the /_layouts/permsetup.aspx page to redefine the default groups. So, just navigate to the site and use the system page, then just pick and choose the groups you want.

Our perception got impacted

Good day, today I just want to leave evidence about an error that customer faced yesterday on production servers and that initially the affected users got the impressions that SharePoint was failing epically. Picture your self-coming to work at 8am and as soon you log in into your computer and access your internet explorer the home page displays a message stating “Connection Refused”. And then you hit refresh over and over and always display this message. Then you try another SharePoint application and got an “Unknown Host” error: Tickets started coming like crazy and after reviewing SharePoint LOGS, IIS Application … Continue reading Our perception got impacted

Get the members of specific Office 365 role

Good day, this time I was asked to retrieve who the Company Administrators and SharePoint Service Administrators are from customer tenant.  The following is the steps I’ve used to deliver the requested Info: I downloaded the Microsoft Online Service Sign-In Assistant from the following URL, proceeded to install Install the Azure Active Directory for Windows PowerShell Module, as an Administrator loaded the PowerShell console and executed the Install-Module MSOnline command, specified yes, “Y” two times, first for NuGet and then for Untrusted Repository Inside the PowerShell session, executed the following PowerShell commands: Import-Module MSOnline Connect-MsolService this command loaded an authentication window, … Continue reading Get the members of specific Office 365 role

Just make sure your Read List and Read Item operation in your ECT have the same fields

Had some fun during the weekend. Customer asked me to add 3 new fields to an existing External Contents Type hosted on a SharePoint 2010 farm. Simple right? SQL Server Modify the pre-production database and alter the table to create 3 new varchar fields Add some dummy content to some records in pre-production farm SharePoint Designer Open the pre-production site collection and locate the External Content Type Open the external content type look at the operations and update the fields including the new ones After saving the changes I proceeded to test, and got an error, the view was not … Continue reading Just make sure your Read List and Read Item operation in your ECT have the same fields

Formulas to get the first and last row on a repeating table in InfoPath

You know, you wake up knowing that is going to be a wonderful day working for a customer with the software products you love. During today on-site support session, you found out that is needed to write some good old XPath formulas on an InfoPath form. There is a repeating table with the columns necessarily to describe travel information like Departure Date, Return Date, City, you named and the requirement was to expose the initial Departure Date and the last Return Date of the entire trip, so, what do we mean with entire trip? I maybe start a trip from … Continue reading Formulas to get the first and last row on a repeating table in InfoPath

A quick tale from the SharePoint support trenches

Basically, the customer had a workflow, build in SharePoint Designer 2010 that will use some of the out of the box Actions like the Pause for Duration and Send Email. The issue was that once the workflow paused for a minute it wasn’t able to resume the work, leaving the workflow always running “In Progress”. Doing some research found KB2674684 SharePoint 2010: Workflow failed to run after pause and according to the description made me remember my good old ASP.NET developer days. The bottom line is that SharePoint on premise is ultimately a Microsoft ASP.NET solution that works with multiple … Continue reading A quick tale from the SharePoint support trenches