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Tomorrow April the First 2014 the San Diego SharePoint User Group Meeting will take place

Tomorrow we will have our San Diego SharePoint User Group meeting as always in New Horizons facilities in 7480 Miramar Rd San Diego, CA 92126. The speaker will be Virgil Carroll and the topic User Experience, 2013 style, here is the session brief:

San Diego SharePoint User Group

San Diego SharePoint User Group

In even the most creative SharePoint implementation plan, we cannot escape one reality we all face:  the user.  Though the most difficult part of most projects to understand, the user plays a critical part in the success of an overall deployment. In this session, we are going to look closely at new strategies which can be implemented (or improved) in 2013 around understanding our users, building solid user interfaces to support them and deploying them in a manageable way.  Each step of the way, Virgil will give attendees a firm understanding of how these strategies can be accomplished in both a 2013 and current 2010 environment.
Creating your own Information Architecture best practices in SP2010/SP2013
In the session, Virgil will explore how to develop a solid information architecture strategy for the different aspects of your SharePoint implementation, including collaboration sites, portals and processes.  After creating firm IA objectives, the rest of the session will explore how these best practice implementations would differ from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.  The session will compare/contrast the feature sets and discuss how to take advantage of both to deliver a user-centric SharePoint experience.

Bring your questions and see you there!

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