Office Programmability

I have always been an advocate of Office based solutions i.e. using Office constituents like Excel, Word and Outlook as clients for capturing user input as well as showing output as in reports etc.The adaptability and power that Office based solutions offer is just absolutely great. And now with VSTO Second Edition things are even better. I will suggest you folks to listen to the following couple of available pod casts.

SQL Everywhere

I am absolutely thrilled to find out about SQL Everywhere. I am sure its going to go a long way in the new breed of "in memory" databases and the databases with small memory footprints. It is really a great tool to have when you want to have relational like quering requirements at the client side or device.It actually is a next version of SQL Mobile and will replace it the next.  I found this channel9 msdn  video to be very useful and informative. To me the most immediate scenario for which I will be using SQL Everywhere would be in … Continue reading SQL Everywhere

Web Service Software Factory Workshop

When & Where          October 16-18, 2006          Redmond, Washington Microsoft Main Campus (bldg. 25) Goals          To provide developers and architects the opportunity to learn about Service Factory and Software Factories as a whole from the team developing them.          To provide our customers with the resources they need to further evangelize Service Factory within their organization, teams, and other [developer and architect] communities.          To provide an opportunity for patterns & practices to learn from developers and architects so the future direction and priorities of patterns & practices deliverables will be appropriately influenced. Details          Cost: Free (you … Continue reading Web Service Software Factory Workshop

..I want to develop web service !…

…So how many times do we hear individuals or teams "just" deciding about developing web services. There is one thing that I am concerned about. And i.e. that almost every one thinks that web service is "the solution" for their requirements. It always reminds me of the saying that goes like… "If hammer is the only tool that you have then every problem will look like a nail". I dont understand that why people are so eager to join this "we develop web services so we do the things right" band wagon. I understand the need and utility of web … Continue reading ..I want to develop web service !…