Sitting next to greatest talent…

During OSLO SDRs i got to know, meet and share thoughts with greatest minds in CSD today. Its a big list but i will like to share a few names and they go like, Don Box, Juval Lowy, Sam Gentile, Brian Loesgen, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Roman Kiss and Chris Sells. A noted omission from the attendees was Clemens Vesters.

MVP Summit – 2008

I am back from MVP Summit 2008 that took place in Seattle last week. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that was offered during the summit. From the Toby’s welcome note to speech by Sean O Driscoll to the break out sessions that took place in Building # 43 @ Redmond Campus to the key notes by Ray Ozzie and Steve Balmer, it was an enlightening experience. I would like to point out to a news article posted by Seattle times here. I will be looking forward to attend next … Continue reading MVP Summit – 2008

MVP Summit – 01

Hey all.. I am at the WSTC and waiting for the Welcome note and hence the official start of this years summit here @ Seattle, Washington. I reached Seattle yesterday morning and will be heading back to Singapore on Friday 18th of April. I will be blogging about this event for next few days and keep you all posted on the most exciting and the best of things experienced @ this years summit.Now, a little bit of update on weather in Seattle. It was rather cold and wet in Seattle yesterday but today is one of those bright sunny days … Continue reading MVP Summit – 01

User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise

<dotNetBulls/> hosted their first technical event on 11th of March, 2008. Topic for this event was “Web 2.0 in Enterprise” and it was hosted by Linda Chong, from Microsoft. Linda Chong works for Microsoft in the capacity of Architect Evangelist and she has 12 years of extensive experience on management, consulting, evangelism, architecture design/review, pre-sales engagement and systems integration in the areas of SOA, Web 2.0, e-business/e-commerce and enterprise application integration (EAI). Event started with Hammad Rajjoub introducing <dotNetBulls/> and speaker. Linda started off with talking about Software + Services and Web 2.0 and where it stands today and then … Continue reading User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise

User Group Event on VSTS

<dotNetBulls/> hosted their second technical event on 27th of March, 2008. This was a special event that saw two top speakers from Microsoft Corporation hosting a tech-talk on Application Life Cycle Management, Agile Tools and Visual Studio Team System. Both the speakers were visiting Singapore for “Heroes Happen Here” event that marks the launch of Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Exchange 2008. Norman Guadagno, Director of Product Marketing for Visual Studio Team System talked about application development life cycle management and how VSTS allows integrated, extensible and end-to-end ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). Stephanie Saad, Group Manager in Visual … Continue reading User Group Event on VSTS

Speaking at ITARC – KL

I will be presenting at ITARC conference organized by IASA in KL. I will be presenting a break out session on “Composite Architecture”. I will share the slides with all of you shortly.

ODP Bug (or so I think)

I found out that ODP.Net for Oracle 10g behaves in strange way for Oracle Parameter that are passed on to oracle command. It always expects parameters to be added in the same order as they are originally available on stored proc in db. So, if a sp (stored proc) expects two parameters, first being “pId” and second being “pName” and you use the following code: oraCommand.Parameters.Add(new OracleParameter(“pId”, OracleDbType.Int64, “10001”, ParameterDirection.Input)); oraCommand.Parameters.Add(new OracleParameter(“pName”, OracleDbType.Varchar2, “John Doe”, ParameterDirection.Input)); It works fine since the first parameter is of type Int64 (as expected) and the second parameter is of type Varchar2. However if you … Continue reading ODP Bug (or so I think)