DotNetMe Podcast ++

Hi folks, its been a while since my last post. I guess i have been a bit too busy, but no complains thats the way it goes. Coming to the point, althought i havent been blogging but i have been busy sorting out podcasts for the DotNetMe (Microsoft.Net Middle East) show. Just to give you a head’s up, so far, we have recorded following sesssions: – Agile Development with Hammad Rajjoub (shameless plug, i know :> )– Localizing Microsoft Technology Stack for Arabic with Dina Lasheen– Understanding Micrsoft EPM – Enterprise Project Management with Bilal Okour We are going to … Continue reading DotNetMe Podcast ++

Gulf Developer Podcast series 09

I am extremely pleased to announce the very first ‘Microsoft.Net focused podcast series in Gulf’. Let me give you a little bit of background first and then we can drill down into the details of who, what, how and when. HistoryHaving been in Dubai, on and off, for past 4-5 years and being Microsoft MVP all the while has given me an oppurtunity to work with local developer communities here in the Gulf. In terms of dev communities, Kwait (with dotnetboom and Qatar (with oryx dev have been successful with setting up their user groups. Unfortunately we dont … Continue reading Gulf Developer Podcast series 09