My profile update:

From time to time it happens that i have to present at a conference or host a tech-talk etc. In such scenarios i get, envitably, asked for my shot profile. So i thought it would make sense to blog my profile and consequently pass on the url. So here it goes:-   Hammad Rajjoub is currently working as an Assistant Vice President with Merrill Lynch Global Services, Singapore. He is a three times MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for Connected Systems. His areas of interest include Enterprise Architecture, Distributed Computing, SOA, .NET, Design Patterns and Quantum Computation. He has architected number of successful enterprise scale services/applications … Continue reading My profile update:

Bill Gate’s farewell He is a visionary and he will be remembered as one for many generations to come. Its difficult to imagine Microsoft without Bill Gates. But he will be active as a Chariman of Microsoft corporation. Bill has made an ever lasting impact on the face of technology in particular and society in general. The way technology works in our life or the other way around is just amazing and its certainly so because of visionaries like him. I was lucky to attend his key note at MVP 2007 summit last year. I hope to continue seeing and hearing him … Continue reading Bill Gate’s farewell

Writing Technical Whitepaper!

As I said in the previous post that I have been busy working on a real-time trading platform. Before launching our  product we had to come up with a technical white paper stating its technical intricacies. So I ended up writing it. After many revisions finally it was approved for publishing on the web. I have uploaded the same to my blog ( attachment available with this post). Tell me how do you find it.

Community Launch Team : 10 tips on preparing a presentation! (Vista, Office and Exchange Launch)

Like last years Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006’s community launch initiatives, Microsoft along with communities like INETA and Culminis are coming up with bigger and better community launch event for Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007. This is said to be the biggest joint launch ever. Just like last year, I am part of this community launch initiative both as a UG leader as well as a Virtual Trainer. Virtual training program does not only focus on technology related content, it also focuses on presentation skills. So Virtual Training program is divided into two phases. … Continue reading Community Launch Team : 10 tips on preparing a presentation! (Vista, Office and Exchange Launch)