MSDN Code Gallery launched

Microsoft launched its MSDN Code Gallery yesterday. According to Somasegar The MSDN Code Gallery is a portal for snippets, samples and other resources.  In it you can find pages that describe samples and supporting documents including screenshots and design documents.  In addition, you will find hosted conversations about these samples, sample projects or other resources that have been provided to the community.  This destination is open to the entire community to contribute content to. What it means for developers like you and me is that its a place where we can share and download code snippets more in the context of community than … Continue reading MSDN Code Gallery launched

Free .Net 3.0 Clincs!

On behalf of MS Learning and the WPF team, I am happy to announce the availability of .NET Framework 3.0 eLearning clinics. This collection includes a 2 hour premium WPF eClinic as well! For WPF, we also used Captivate to demo WPF runtime apps, which result in a much richer experience than what you would expect in traditional eClinic demos. Check them out, and spread the word.     Availability: Immediate   Pricing: FREE till launch of .NET FX. US $9.99 after that.   Spread the word: Please spread the word with your customers on community portal and Newsletters. Bloggers: … Continue reading Free .Net 3.0 Clincs!