Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer

The Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a simple tool that installs Microsoft’s entire Web Platform, including IIS, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework. Using the Web Platform Installer’s user interface, you can choose to install either specific products or the entire Microsoft Web Platform onto your computer. The Web PI also helps keep your products up to date by always offering the latest additions to the Web Platform. get it here

VS 2008 sp1 & .Net 3.5 sp1 is out

You can download VS 2008 sp1 and .Net 3.5 sp1 @   This release has major improvements on WCF and WF. Brief overview avaialble @ download page says:   .NET Framework version 3.5 Service Pack 1 provides the following new features and improvements: ASP.NET Dynamic Data, which provides a rich scaffolding framework that enables rapid data driven development without writing code, and a new addition to ASP.NET AJAX that provides support for managing browser history (back button support). For more information, see What’s New in ASP.NET and Web Development. Core improvements to the CLR (common language runtime) that include … Continue reading VS 2008 sp1 & .Net 3.5 sp1 is out

Embedded sqlMap.config

If you are like me you would like to embed sqlMap.config file for your ibatis project. Although its not provided out of the box but its very simple to implement. All you have to do is to write your own sqlMapper implementation.The core logic revolves around building DomSqlMapBuilder.  protected static void InitMapper()        {            DomSqlMapBuilder builder = new DomSqlMapBuilder();            XmlDocument sqlMapConfig = Resources.GetEmbeddedResourceAsXmlDocument(“YourNamepspace.YourConfigFile.config”);            mapper = builder.Configure(sqlMapConfig) as SqlMapper;        }   for more details do check out

The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly

When i tried running an ibattis related unit test fixtures in my exsiting test assembly I started getting this wierd error that’s a known bug documented at Interesting thing is that when i run that fixture in a separate assembly it works fine but as soon as i add it to existing test fixtures it crashes with this error :”The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly”. I think it has to do with how nUnit created dynamic assemblies for test fixtures internally. Unfortunately i cant change that behavior. So for now the work around is to … Continue reading The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly

MVP Summit – 2008

I am back from MVP Summit 2008 that took place in Seattle last week. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that was offered during the summit. From the Toby’s welcome note to speech by Sean O Driscoll to the break out sessions that took place in Building # 43 @ Redmond Campus to the key notes by Ray Ozzie and Steve Balmer, it was an enlightening experience. I would like to point out to a news article posted by Seattle times here. I will be looking forward to attend next … Continue reading MVP Summit – 2008

User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise

<dotNetBulls/> hosted their first technical event on 11th of March, 2008. Topic for this event was “Web 2.0 in Enterprise” and it was hosted by Linda Chong, from Microsoft. Linda Chong works for Microsoft in the capacity of Architect Evangelist and she has 12 years of extensive experience on management, consulting, evangelism, architecture design/review, pre-sales engagement and systems integration in the areas of SOA, Web 2.0, e-business/e-commerce and enterprise application integration (EAI). Event started with Hammad Rajjoub introducing <dotNetBulls/> and speaker. Linda started off with talking about Software + Services and Web 2.0 and where it stands today and then … Continue reading User group event: Web 2.0 in Enterprise

Speaking at ITARC – KL

I will be presenting at ITARC conference organized by IASA in KL. I will be presenting a break out session on “Composite Architecture”. I will share the slides with all of you shortly.

ODP Bug (or so I think)

I found out that ODP.Net for Oracle 10g behaves in strange way for Oracle Parameter that are passed on to oracle command. It always expects parameters to be added in the same order as they are originally available on stored proc in db. So, if a sp (stored proc) expects two parameters, first being “pId” and second being “pName” and you use the following code: oraCommand.Parameters.Add(new OracleParameter(“pId”, OracleDbType.Int64, “10001”, ParameterDirection.Input)); oraCommand.Parameters.Add(new OracleParameter(“pName”, OracleDbType.Varchar2, “John Doe”, ParameterDirection.Input)); It works fine since the first parameter is of type Int64 (as expected) and the second parameter is of type Varchar2. However if you … Continue reading ODP Bug (or so I think)