WCF Web Programming Model Documentation

I just came across this post at Steve Maine’s blog. I thought its worth sharing with you all:  Conceptual Overviews: Web Programming Model AJAX and JSON WCF Syndication (Atom and RSS) Partial Trust Class Library Reference (not exhaustive): System.ServiceModel.Web Namespace System.ServiceModel.Syndication Namespace System.Runtime.Serialization.Json Namespace SyndicationFeed Class SyndicationItem Class WebOperationContext Class WebServiceHost Class WebGetAttribute Class WebInvokeAttribute Class WebHttpBehavior Class WebScriptEnablingBehavior Class DataContractJsonSerializer Class Configuration Schema: enableWebScript webHttp  webHttpBinding  Samples: Web Programming Model Basic Web Programming Model Advanced Web Programming UriTemplate UriTemplate Table UriTemplate Table Dispatcher WebContentTypeMapper HTML Form Handler Push-Style Streaming AJAX and JSON Basic AJAX Service AJAX Service Without Configuration … Continue reading WCF Web Programming Model Documentation