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    “Toymaster” has released Security Mailer Volume16 #30

    July 25th, 2016 by

    “Apple updates everything; Cisco Security Advisories; Critical Java updates (patch now); Linux updates + notes on Ubuntu Forum hack; Microsoft Bulletin revisions; General Security entries including TOR changes and ASN1 C security vulnerability

    There is also a rundown of all 52 Flash Player vulnerabilities patched last week, the Microsoft Pro section is rather large, and you should check the SANS section as well

    Part 2

    1- .NET Framework (spreadsheet) covers the End Of Life information on all versions of .NET Framework

    2- How to Run Graphical Ubuntu from BASH Shell in Windows 10 – interesting article for the advanced user/experimenter and I have some cautions at the end

    3- Pokemon GO – article covering what you need to know for safety before playing

    4- Microsoft Support Lifecycle .NET Framework – more information on .NET Framework and when support ends for each version”

    Security Mailer V16 #30

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