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    Windows 10: Free upgrade ends – Anniversary Update Begins

    July 30th, 2016 by

    If you took advantage of the free upgrade in the past 30 days, you may not see the “Anniversary Update” right away. This is due to the fact that you have 30 days to regress back to W7 or W8.1.


    You’re probably already aware of the fact that Windows 10’s “Free” upgrade ended on July 29th. From now on, you will have to pay to upgrade W8.1 or W7.

    On August 2nd, there will be a major upgrade released called the “Anniversary Update”. Unless you are running an enterprise version of W10, you will have little (Professional) or no (Home) options. The update will download and install without any prompting. You *WILL* get a notice that the computer will reboot, probably in 1 day, regardless of what you are doing.

    How long it will take depends greatly on what you have installed and other factors. I would certainly expect it could take up to an hour.

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