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    “Toymaster has released Security Mailer Volume 16 Number 34

    August 22nd, 2016 by

    Wow! Has the year flown by! Up to week 36 already!!

    Security Mailer V16#34

    Part 1

    • Browser updates for Pale Moon and Firefox
    • Cisco Advisories + Shadow Brokers
    • Linux updates
    • Microsoft Security Bulletin revisions
    • PowerShell goes open source
    • big changes coming to Windows Update and .NET Framework
    • General Security entries

      The Cisco section is very important to those running a Cisco Firewall or Adaptive Security Appliance as the resent NSA hack involving the Shadow Brokers also involves Cisco.

      Part 2

    • Cisco and the Shadow Brokers – The Cisco blog complete with technical details explaining the Shadow Brokers and how the NSA hack affects Cisco products.  I have also added the Cisco advisory for you that explains what to expect and what to do if it affects your environment

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