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    “Toymaster” has released Security Mailer Volume 16 #35

    August 28th, 2016 by

    Security Mailer V16 #25

    • Apple rushes out security patches for iOS
    • Microsoft Office for Mac updates
    • Browser updates – Pale Moon for Linux
    • Cisco advisories including new patches related to NSA hack and Shadow Brokers
    • Open Source bulletin from HP for Perl and PHP, Linux 25th birthday, Linux Updates
    • Microsoft Security Bulletin revisions, Windows 10 updates and issues
    • General curity entries including US CERT bulletins
    • There is also information on VM Ware updates and the Microsoft PRO section has some important information.
    • During August I have also made a number of new additions to the Windows 10 resources so if you use Windows 10 be sure to take a look (look by date and you will find the new entries quite easily).

      Part 2 –

      1- JB – Article discussing the Shadow Brokers NSA leak from a different perspective that I happen to agree with completely as it coincides with my research on the issue and it led me to the same conclusions (another Snowden at the NSA)

      2- Leaked Exploits – from Mohit Kumar at The Hacker News, the leaked exploits from the Shadow Brokers are indeed legit and do belong to the NSA

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