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    “Toymaster has released Security Mailer Volume 16 Number 46

    November 13th, 2016 by

    Hard to believe we are at week 46!!

    Security Mailer V16#46

    • Adobe security update for Flash Player, Adobe Connect
    • Cisco Security Advisories
    • Linux Updates
    • Microsoft Tuesday bulletins and patches
    • General Security entries

    SANS also has their usual great entries, and there is also a VMWare advisory this week

    Part 2 –

    • Black Nurse Attack – reminicent of the 1990’s UDP flood attacks, if you have a succeptible firewall this very low volume very low resources ICMP attack that can easily be dome by one person on one machine can push a large and fast 1 GB network offline
    • 2- Hammertoss – PDF report from FireEye Labs covering one of the most dangerous professional hacking groups in the world (and yes, it’s from Russia with love)

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