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    Security Mailer (2020 # 23)

    June 7th, 2020 by

    Security Mailer Volume 20 Number 23

    • Apple security updates released
    • Mozilla updates
      • Firefox
      • Firefox ESR
      • Thunderbird
    • Cisco security advisories (includes semi-annual bundle)
    • Linux updates and patches
    • Microsoft
      • Security advisory
      • Windows 10 v 2020
    • General Security reviews last week
    • Google facing multiple tracking lawsuits

    Special note for Thunderbird users – upgrading to Thunderbird 69.0.0 is not offered as an update from within Thunderbird v 68 series due to significant changes in the code. Also note that upgrading to v 69.0 is a one way ticket at the upgrade will make significant changes to your profile(s) which cannot be undone. I suggest that if you are not sure, best make a good backup of your current Thunderbird installation before upgrading.”

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