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    Security Mailer (2020 # 37)

    September 13th, 2020 by

    Security Mailer Volume 20 Number 37

    • Adobe security bulletins and updates
    • Mozilla updates
      • Firefox
      • Firefox ESR
      • Thunderbird
    • Linux updates and patches
    • Microsoft
      • Tuesday updates and patches (over 120 vulnerabilities again this month)
      • Security advisory
      • Update revisions
    • General Security reviews last week

      Part 2

    • Excel spreadsheet listing all the updates released by Microsoft, XLSX and XLS versions
    • Updating Windows 10 1903 to 1909 via the 1909 Enablement Package (use at own risk)
    • How to regain Windows 10 Admin rights in case you lost them using the enablement,
      [Some have reported a new user named User that is the new administrator after using the enablement package and their old profile cannot be made administrator again through User Accounts in the control panel, so here’s two ways to get your rights back.
    • I have also added the two docs from part 2 to the Windows 10 resources folder on the site


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