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    Windows 10 or Windows 11?

    October 30th, 2021 by

    On October 17, 2021, I upgraded my Surface Laptop 4 from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro. The actual upgrade went smoothly with no apparent problems or error. All my apps and hardware worked as before.

    After almost 2 weeks, I’ve seen the following issues or problems.

    • Let’s start with the obvious.. The Start menu. While it takes a bit getting used to, it’s not hard to adjust. Just tedious.

      My problems with it are:

      • Why populate it with a load of built-in/default programs?? It required deleting almost all of them and adding the programs that were there in Windows 10.
      • Why only show 21 apps??
      • Why include the “Recommended” section??? It’s completely useless to me
      • The menu can’t be adjusted.
      • The old list of apps requires an additional click.
    • Next, The toolbar. Lots to dislike here.Probably haven’t seen all of it.

      • Location is fixed at the bottom. WHY??? Every previous version of Windows allowed me to move it to the top and hide it. After two weeks, I’m still moving the mouse to the top of the desktop before I remember.
      • Icons are in the middle or the left of the toolbar.
      • Can’t drag & drop objects onto the toolbar programs.
        • First off, I may need to describe pinned quick items.
        • Previously, I was able to select an icon on the desktop or in a folder and drag it to the appropriate program icon on the taskbar. It would show up in the “Pinned list when I right clicked on the icon.
        • Now, I get the “Not” symbol. I depend on this ability to allow me to have a clean desktop and not have to use menus or sub-menus.
        • When I would right click on the blank area of the toolbar, I would get a menu which included “Task Manager”. I use this a lot. Now, all I get is “Taskbar Settings”. I had to search for “Task Manager”. Right click on the item and select “Pin to taskbar”
    • Windows 10 automatically hid most of the icons that would appear in the right-hand corner and put them into the “overflow corner”. Windows 11 puts almost none in there, making the toolbar that much more cluttered. You have to go to Taskbar settings, select the “Tab Corner overflow” option and select the icons to “hide”.
    • I have two options for speakers: the laptop and the external display. I prefer the external display, but it’s an older display and it will often cut out, requiring I switch to the laptop. With Windows 10, I clicked on the sound icon in the corner and switched. With Windows 11, I had to pin the Settings icon to the taskbar. Then I could select it, select “sound settings” and, finally, switch.

    Bottom Line

    As I said, everything I’ve described can be adjusted, recreated or done in an alternate way. After 2 weeks, though, I still find them annoying. I expect over time I’ll get less and less annoyed (hopefully as they update and change the OS). However, I have to say that I haven’t seen a single thing that I would consider reason enough to upgrade from Windows 10. In old terms, it’s kind of like a “Service Pack”.

    For the average user, I don’t see any reason to leap unless there is some new or “improved” function that is needed or wanted. Windows 10 will be supported until October 14th, 2025 .Needless to say, a lot about Windows 11 will change over the next 4 years!!

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