Sunbelt Security continues to highlight the danger of clicking potentially malicious links.  This includes photo links offered by malicious applications, which can compromise your Facebook account or even your PC:

Phony Facebook Photos lead to malware

QUOTE: This latest Facebook scam seems to have been rattling around for a few weeks now, directing you to malware from hacked websites hosting the rogue files. There also appear to be various Facebook application pages offering up the same dubious content. Not a lot of sophistication there, but it doesn’t really take much to get people clicking. Downloading the file and running it will result in you sending your friends more “Foto” related spam and the whole process begins again.

Some users report the messages appearing on their walls, while others have screenshots of messages popping up in their chat applications. Either way, regardless of how the link is delivered the end-user will find themselves on a page containing nothing but a tantalising message regarding their photo hunt.