Trend is warning that messages are being spammed to users, requesting that they log into a site that resembles the Facebook security home page.  Please always be careful with any email messages claiming that they originate from Facebook.  In this case avoid email messages stating your account has been blocked – instead log into Facebook and verify the status of your account directly.

Facebook Security Spoofed, Used for Phishing

Facebook’s True Security Page
(which if you LIKE will provide critical warnings)

QUOTE: Facebook Security is the official Facebook page that the site uses to provide user-friendly security information that is particularly relevant to its users. However, it is now being used in phishing attacks.  Spammed messages purportedly from Facebook Security are being sent to Facebook users. According to the message, the user’s account has been found to be suspicious and has been blocked. Facebook Security’s account was either accessed from an unknown location or was abused.  The message then asks the user to verify and unblock the account by going to a site that turned out to be a phishing page.