Malware toolkits have grown more expensive (some costing up to $8,000 or more) as cybercrime continues to grow and become more sophisticated.  Trend shares an interesting perspective on what these kits contain and how they are used by malicious criminals.

Trend Labs – Do it yourself Crimeware Kits

QUOTE: This post is the first of a two-part report about how cybercrime kits such as exploit toolkits enable even the less technical of cybercriminals to build botnets and conduct malicious attacks.

Large-scale botnets that compromise hundreds of thousands of systems around the world receive plenty of attention and deservedly so. However, there are many smaller botnets that often escape such scrutiny. The tools and services required to create, maintain, and profit from a botnet are widely available in the cybercrime underground for a price. These do-it-yourself (DIY) cybercrime kits enable those with limited technical skills to create botnets of their own.

The tools available include exploit kits that attempt to deliver various exploits to a visitor’s system based on the availability of vulnerable software on the said system as well as on the traffic direction systems that divert visitors to other websites or that direct them to download additional malware.