As Egypt and Libya recently shutdown Internet service on a national basis, these links reflect proposed changes inĀ current law for the USA

PC Magazine – Senators Kill Off the “Kill Switch”

QUOTE: Fed up with being associated with censorship and repression, Senators Joe Lieberman, Tom Carper and Susan Collins have introduced a cybersecurity reform bill that explicitly prohibits the president from shutting down the Internet. The group are among the leaders of those in congress pushing for legislation to give the government authority over parts of the Internet in event of an emergency.

The Cybersecurity Freedom Act of 2011 adds language explicitly stating the president can’t shut down the Internet. Senator Collins noted in her remarks that this change was a direct result of President Mubarak’s actions in Egypt. It also permits owners of assets deemed critical infrastructure by the federal government, and therefore subject to additional Department of Homeland Security regulations, to appeal that decision in a federal court.