We should be careful when sharing information on Facebook and other social networks. Sometimes, I see friends sharing advanced plans of a trip, vacation, or other outing. As these posts are often available to the general public, there have indeed been accounts of folks burglarized while away and criminals confusing that they discovered it via a Facebook post.

Social Network Users too friendly in sharing information publicly

QUOTE: It’s old news that people are way too trusting on social media sites with their personal information, but it’s no less disturbing for being banal. Would you walk around on the street holding a sign displaying your birthday, home town, and other data people commonly put in their Facebook public profiles?

ID Analytics’s message is that you shouldn’t be one of the low-hanging fruit. They have 3 rules of thumb for protecting your identity:

1. Be careful what you share
2. Protect what you have
3. Monitor, monitor, monitor

ID Analytics – In-depth study of Privacy