eWeek shares this article related to IE9, noting many new improvements in functionality and security

Internet Explorer 9 – Ten Reasons to Use it

QUOTE: Microsoft has officially launched Internet Explorer 9. Although the browser’s history has been spotty, Internet Explorer 9 is the one new browser that every user should be trying. Microsoft has officially launched Internet Explorer 9. The browser, which is being touted by many reviewers already as the best version of the software the company has ever released, follows a long line of predecessors that at times won customers over and at other times failed miserably. But it’s a new day for Microsoft and Internet Explorer. The time has finally come for the company to face Google’s Chrome browser head-on.

1. It’s fast
2. A vastly improved interface
3. It’s awfully Chrome-like
4. The Pinned Sites feature is nice
5. It’s much more secure
6. It’s a big step up over previous versions
7. The enterprise will be happy
8. A new Microsoft?
9. Putting an end to tracking
10. It’s another good reason to ditch Windows XP