eWeek speculates on 10 reasons Windows 8 may provide improvements over Windows 7

Ten reasons Windows 8 may provide improvements 

QUOTE: Windows 8 is just around the corner, and rumors are swirling about the upcoming operating system and what it will feature when it’s likely released next year. Although details are relatively slim for now, one thing is for certain: Windows 8 will be even better than Windows 7.

Ten Possible reasons Windows 8 may provide improvements

1. It improves upon a nice operating system.
2. The security keeps improving.
3. The ARM compatibility is key.
4. An application store, perhaps?
5. Instant-on is what’s needed.
6. It might be more suitable for tablets.
7. Better power consumption
8. What’s with History Vault? (possible improvement to System Restore)
9. A better interface
10. Microsoft’s lesson learned