In using Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, there are constant daily attacks.  Many of these are socially engineered well and can trick people who are not aware or careful.  In many cases, there are offers for capabilities that do not exist in Facebook (e.g., to see who checked your profile).  Please be careful and do not click on any suspicious links offered

Often I will hover over any unacceptable post and delete it from my Facebook wall (so that my contacts don’t become infected).  Accepting malicious links can infect your PC plus compromise your Facebook profile settings.

Facebook – Avoid the Discover-your-stalker fake attacks

QUOTE: What actually happens when you click on the altered posts is that you simply share the link with all your friends. Unfortunately, in the background, you might also be opening your profile for further compromise, as there are a lot of javascripts that run behind these links. Some of the scripts just deal with redirecting you back to Facebook as if nothing had happened, and sharing the new post on your profile, but others may have more malicious intent – particularly ones that direct you to download video.  Facebook has recently taken efforts to put a stop to these sort of scams – particularly if they see the “Share” Button being replaced like this, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be having much effect – we still see a lot of these sorts of posts spreading each week.