It is preferrable to share vacation information and photos once you return from vacation, rather than sharing plans in advance.  If you want to share with your closest friends, use email or the phone instead.  While one might feel comfortable in sharing with friends, accounts may not be locked down to prevent access by the general public. Also, computers aid criminals in the 21st century and there are actually some who monitor and look for these situations.

Facebook – Dangers of posting Summer Vacation plans in advance

QUOTE: Facebook can be a dangerous place. You have a lot of very personal information on there. It can be a lot of fun but you have to be careful that you are not taken advantage of. Watch who is on your friend list there and how much information you give out. Not everyone is bad or out to hurt you. There are many good people on there.

The danger I am talking about is with spring and summer coming and vacations coming up. Watch how much information you post about going on vacation and leaving your place vacant. Last year there was many break ins. The people were using the information off of Facebook to break into your place.