Users should exercise avoidance and good risk management principles to avoid malware infections while using mobile devices.

Is 2011 Finally the Actual Year of Mobile Malware?

QUOTE: “This year will be the year of mobile malware” has been such a staple of new years predictions that it has turned into a running joke. But thanks to the design of Android and its markets, and some innovative malware designers, we seem to be there. Android malware has moved well beyond the proof of concept stage. A Symantec blog describes how Android crimeware developers are getting clever in their design of installers. The main trick of the trade is to divide the installation up in to multiple stages.

THE REAL DANGER: But that payload may not be the end of the story. When you install a program in Android it asks the user to approve permissions on it. Most users probably quickly reach the point of ignoring these boring details, but for those who are more fastidious Symantec has identified malware which breaks the payload into further stages.