I’ve been using a PC on a daily basis for almost 30 years.  I remember the original product launch and was invited to our local IBM branch office to participate. Our IBM branch then placed a few of these in our office.  I took in interest and powered them up after hours.  Soon I was helping our company launch them to all professionals.  I started using this technology around September 1981 and by October 1981 was providing training classes in this promising technology.

30th Anniversary of the IBM PC – What was your first?

QUOTE: Yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of the release of the IBM PC.  It was an interesting walk down memory lane going back and reading some of the reviews of the PC.  Over at the ISC  this started the discussion of “What was your first computer?”  The ISC Handlers vary widely in age, so the answers predictably were quite variable. Oddly enough, although some of us worked with the IBM PC, none of us actually owned one, Timex Sinclair, TRS-80, IBM XT, 286 PC clone, Vic-20, Commodore-64, Amiga and Apple II were some of the answers.