Trend Security warns of major improvements found in this new variant in this comprehensive review:

Massive Code Change for New DroidDreamLight Variant

QUOTE: We saw several key developments in the new variant of DroidDreamLight, which we were able to analyze earlier this month. This new variant, found in a China-based 3rd party application store, comes off as applications such as a battery monitoring tool, task listing tool, and an application that lists the permissions used by installed applications. Please note though that the apps are in English, so potential victims are not limited to users who understand Chinese. This Android malware is now detected as AndroidOS_DORDRAE.N.

Another important update is the addition of information theft routines. Based on our analysis, this new variant can steal certain information from the device, such as:

* SMS messages (inbox and outbox)
* Call log (incoming and outgoing)
* Contacts list
* Information related to Google accounts stored in the device