Early this morning, Windows Automatic Update notified me of a second MSRT update and below are the details.  Wishing them success in eradicating this malicious threat.

Microsoft MSRT – 2nd Release for September 2011

QUOTE: For the month of September, Microsoft is adding the Win32/Kelihos family to a second release of the Malicious Software Removal Tool. This additional release is to support the most recent action in Project MARS- Operation b79 which targets the Kelihos botnet. The Win32/Kelihos malware family distributes spam email messages that may contain links to web sites serving installers of Kelihos itself. It may also communicate with remote computers to exchange information that it uses to execute various tasks such as bootstrapping to the botnet, sending spam emails promoting bogus products or services, stealing sensitive information, or downloading and executing arbitrary files.

Microsoft killed Kelihos botnet

QUOTE: Great news for Internet security. Microsoft has effectively killed off the Kelihos botnet which has about 42-45K nodes. The signature to remove the botnet agent from infected machine is added to the Malicious Software Removal Tool which will be rolled out to users taking automatic updates. Microsoft also took a proactive approach on the legal front, filing for court order to get Verisign (the domain registrar for the malicious domains) to take down the malicious domains related to the botnet operations.