There are many additional ones that could be added to the list including some of these in my own top ten: Conficker, Sasser, CIH, Blaster, Nimda, SQL-Slammer, Klez, SoBig, Netsky, AntiExe, etc

GCN LAB IMPRESSIONS – The 10 scariest computer viruses of all time

QUOTE: The dreary winter months are approaching, and little ghosts and goblins are starting to crawl from their haunts. With the spooky Halloween season about to get into full swing, we thought we might help get into the mood with a look at the 10 most frightening viruses of all time. Hide your hard drives, lock up your files and make sure your AV shields are at maximum power as we enter…the dark realm of computer programs gone bad.

10. Virus infecting U.S. fleet of combat drones
9. Creeper wasn’t actually all that malignant, and it only affected TENEX operating systems in the 1970s.
8. Suddenly, in 2007, Stoned.Angelina came back to infect more than 100,000 PCs running the new operating system.
7. Stuxnet – cripple the Iranian nuclear program. 
6. Anna Kournikova virus in 2001
5. Back Orifice is not really a virus per se, but gives remote access privileges to someone at another computer
4. Christmas Tree EXEC program paralyzed a lot of internal networks in 1987
3. Code Red virus was one of the first to successfully target Web servers running IIS in 2001
2. Melissa virus of 1999
1. I Love You virus, which racked up an impressive kill tally of tens of millions of computers in the year 2000. 
TOP TEN EMAIL viruses of all time from 2004