Privacy invokes the protection of sensitive information as it flows throughout an organization.  F-Secure has an interesting article related to the psychology of this process:

F-Secure: Privacy is a way of managing information flow

QUOTE: Why are people so willing to give away their personal information to complete strangers? It’s because humans want to share information. And in fact, they share information a lot more freely than other “things” such as goods and services.  Which of these are you most likely to provide without thinking much about it?

  •  To give a stranger directions to the bus stop (information).
  •  To take a stranger to the bus stop (service).
  •  To give a stranger bus fare (goods).

If you’re like most people, you’ll freely give directions, but you’ll resist giving away your money.  “Managing our privacy” isn’t a natural act.  What maintained our privacy in the past was that it was generally inconvenient to spy on people. Platforms such as Facebook present a new unique problem and new solutions (filters) are needed, rather than to re-tool old existing filters.