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Trend Labs – Highlights from Virus Bulletin 2011 Barcelona

QUOTE: This year, we had the privilege of attending the 21st Virus Bulletin International Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Researchers from Trend Micro presented three topics in the corporate stream and one topic in the technical stream.

Ethan YX Chen covered file-fraction reputation for the technical stream on day 1.

For the corporate steam on day 2, Max Goncharov presented on traffic direction systems as malware distribution tools 

David Sancho and Rainer Link talked about the lessons they learned while sinkholing botnets.

Trend Micro global director of education David Perry talked about the missing metrics of malware.

The presentation entitled, “An OpenBTS GSM Replication Jail for Mobile Malware,” by Axelle Apvrille discussed the challenges security researchers faced when analyzing mobile threats. 

The presentation about fraud malware analysis showed us that FAKEAV/fake tools have been around for some time now and will probably be there for even longer because of their capability to adapt to changes in the computing landscape.

In his presentation, Tim Ebringer of Microsoft brought out the issue regarding difficulties with finding other malware samples related to one particular file.