Below are key safety tips from Facecrooks and Trend Micro for the holiday season:

Holiday 2011 – Online Shopping Safety Tips

QUOTE: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Many shoppers will avoid the mayhem and madness of brick and mortar establishments in favor of online retailers. Online shoppers are a favorite target of cyber criminals. Your credit card details, banking information and personal data are under constant assault from cyber criminals trying to do you harm. The type of attacks seen by Trend Micro include:

* Blackhat SEO attacks – search results for hot items such as gadgets and others can be poisoned to lead users to malicious sites,

* Scams – coming off as online promos, scams trick users into becoming victims of their malicious schemes that can lead to information and financial theft.

* Session hijacking – users who do their shopping while connected to unsecure networks put themselves at risk of this attack, which involves sniffing through networks for certain kinds of information such as account credentials, and using the said information to impersonate the users and execute actions.

Trend Micro Safety tips