An interesting “real world” account is shared by one of the ISC handlers regarding the cleaning of infected PCs.  As noted a good security awareness program next year can help reduce infections

ISC – Malware cleaning experiences during 2011

QUOTE As 2011 draws to a close I am reflecting on the “compromised” computers that I have dealt with in the last few months.  In April I went to work for a company that is the IT Department for a number of small businesses in our area.  Others have not been so easy.  I have dealt with several that had been infected that had some or all of the files on the hard drive hidden.  These are the difficult ones to deal with.  Tools like Combo Fix are required to even identify these infected files. I have found several “tools” that have helped with the identification and removal. I have also had several machines that were unable to install Windows updates

My goal for 2012 is to educate all of our small business customers on the importance of Windows Updates and having a good Anti-virus program.  Having these two items go along way in minimizing the number of “compromised” computers the customer will have to deal with.