Sunbelt labs warns of a new malicious application that can be installed on Twitter to determine user visitation.  Currently, no application can perform that analysis and this fake application is similar to the versions seen on Facebook and other sites.

Twitter – Avoid New Fake Tracker Application and dangerous URLs

QUOTE: This social media “stalking” thing, to the best of my knowledge, all began on MySpace. We’ve seen them emerge on Twitter, too: our friends at Sophos wrote a so-called “app” that Twitter purportedly released to track a user’s stalker. Only this time, no such app is ever involved. We impore you, Dear Reader, to please exercise caution when clicking links on tweets. Even better: use your better judgment on whether you’d believe a supposedly interesting tweet or not before considering visiting the URL that goes with it. More often than not, scam tweets are designed to sound this way to actually make Internet users click them. Please don’t be fooled.