This article discusses the challenges associated with preventing malware
attacks in the coming year.

PC Magazine – Let’s Terminate Malware in 2012

QUOTE: Antivirus research is a cat and mouse
. Each time the virus writers develop a new technique to spread
malware or steal private data, antivirus experts rush to build countermeasures.
To actually defeat the malware coders, we need to get out of strictly reactive
mode. That requires looking at the motivations that drive malware creators, not
just at their actions.

Malware earned about trillion dollars last year, according
Melissa Hathaway, former cyber-security advisor to the president. Trend Micros’s
researchers report that one malefactor spreading the KoobFace worm earned
$19,000 in a single day. A single attack can involve dozens of individuals or
gangs, each taking a cut of the profit. Trend’s experts put
together a report showing the entire complex economy surrounding modern
manufacture. Click on the image to see the full

Organized computer crime exists to make money. One way to
put the brakes on malware creation is to make it unprofitable. Sure, countering
their technology is one way to cut the profits. A brand-new threat is most
profitable immediately after its release, breaks even after it has spread
enough, and tapers off once antivirus tools start to counter it. Pushing
antivirus detection so it occurs before break-even would definitely cramp their