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February 8th, 2012:

Symantec – Free Parental Android Application

Symantec Releases Free Parental Monitoring App for Android

QUOTE: If you worry about your children’s Internet habits, you have to consider their mobile Internet habits as well. Fortunately Symantec has just released a free mobile parental control app for Android called Norton Safety Minder, which you can download from the Android Market. It’s free to use after you sign up for a Norton Online Family account, a free parental control suite for desktops.  Norton Safety Minder lets parents openly track and block websites their children access on an Android device, similar to McAfee Family Protection. It does so by attaching itself to the default browser in their child’s mobile device and blocking sites based on an age category or customized list. Your child will not be able to use any other browser

EMAIL – Secure access requirements

Personal and corporate email security controls are important as sensitive information may be occasionally exchanged via email.  The ISC site notes the importance of these controls. 

Secure E-Mail Access

QUOTE: Recently attacks focused on e-mail security. In many cases, e-mail credentials were either brute forced, or retrieved from compromised databases (in some of these cases, password re-use was a contributing factor). Some of the challenges:

– the use of “cloud based” e-mail services like gmail.
– mobile access to e-mail
– access to e-mail from multiple devices
– e-mail encryption and authentication (PGP/S-Mime)
– e-mail forwarding security (if someone has e-mail forwarded to a personal e-mail address)