Redmond Magazine captures several predictions from industry watchers, including the possibility that Office 15 may include touch screen capabilities.

Office 15 Beta – early predictions noted by Redmond Magazine

QUOTE: Office 15 is scheduled to appear as a public beta this summer, but Foley’s sources predict the release-to-manufacturing version of Office 15 will appear in late 2012. A recent roadmap prediction by consulting company Directions on Microsoft did not show Office 15 appearing this year. Instead, Directions on Microsoft expects product releases of System Center 2012 to appear early this year (possibly in April) followed by late-year product releases of Windows Server 8, with the Windows 8 client appearing late in 2012 or slipping into 2013.  At the end of this month, Microsoft will release a beta of Windows 8, along with betas of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5. A beta of Windows Server 8 will appear at that time too, according to an InformationWeek article, although Microsoft apparently hasn’t announced it.

Redmond Magazine – Windows 8 section