ESET shares an informative early evaluation of the Windows phone 8, reflecting key smart phone security considerations

Windows Phone 8 – early evaluation by ESET Security

QUOTE: While Microsoft was an early adopter in the creation of smartphones with Windows Mobile, it has lagged behind both Apple’s iOS and Google Android, at least until the end of 2010, when Window Phone 7 was released. To date, Windows Phone has only achieved niche status, but has received kudos and critical acclaim, often from organizations and people not known for charity towards Microsoft. Despite the small following so far, both consumers and developers are expressing interest, and Microsoft seems determined to keep a fast-paced released cycle in order to achieve parity in the marketplace.  Microsoft seems to be doing a good job of reviewing submitted applications and enforcing its policy. As of January, 2012, there are over 60,000 apps in the Marketplace, and ESET is aware of only four applications that have been removed from the store: