This informative article in Microsoft’s Technet Security Blog shares future challenges: 

Trustworthy Computing Next: Building Trust in a Connected World

QUOTE:  From the beginning, Trustworthy Computing’s mission was billed as a long-term journey. As Microsoft marked the 10-year milestone of TwC last month, we also looked forward and recognized that evolving IT models and societal changes have made the relentless pursuit of TwC more important than ever. Today at the RSA Conference 2012, I’m providing my vision for Trustworthy Computing Next within a keynote and sharing a new white paper.

There are three major forces of change. First, with a proliferation of devices, services, and sensors, people are excited about the potential of the cloud and big data. … Second, as our dependency on IT has grown, governments have become increasingly active in Internet affairs. … Finally, the threat landscape continues to evolve. Opportunistic threats have been supplemented by attacks that are more persistent and determined.

In this new world, each and every machine, application, data or person may be helpful or harmful, innocuous or dangerous. The Web we live in today is no longer about bilateral relationships; we are connected in new ways where an individual and an organization may have no direct relationship at all, even as they share data or take on IT dependencies. With lack of transparency into these relationships, dependencies, and data flows, it can be hard to make intelligent trust decisions.