Facecrooks security shares safety tips on turning off third party APPS.  This prevents invitations from a malicious APP from being spammed to all contacts. While many Game application invitations are clear cut, a technique called Clickjacking may cause an application to be installed unknowingly for your account.

How to Protect your Personal Data from Facebook Applications your Friends Use

QUOTE:   Many Facebook users have an aversion to third party Facebook applications and rightly so. The platform is riddled with rogue apps that are used to spread spam, scams and malware. Also, it is a huge privacy risk to give unknown application developers access to your private Facebook data. You can disable all platform apps. This is obviously the most direct and definitive approach. This will totally prohibit any third party Facebook application from accessing your account. This option is located under your Privacy Settings. Next, you will need to scroll down and click ‘Edit Settings’ under Apps and Websites.

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