PC Magazine shares some great safety tips for Twitter

Twitter – Best practices for using it safely

QUOTE: A lot of safe Twitter practices are common sense, like previewing shortened URLs before clicking them, assuming all your tweets are public, but on top of that Ryan offered a few more ways to mitigate the risk of a targeted attack:

1. NEVER re-use passwords.
2. ALWAYS delete password reset emails.
3. NEVER use the Auto-Complete and Save functions in Web browsers.
4. ALWAYS use complex passwords.
5. ALWAYS use SSL (https://) when accessing Twitter through a Web interface. You can enable this automatically in your Twitter Settings page.
6. ALWAYS pay close attention to the APIs you allow access to your account. You can do this by clicking Twitter/Settings/Apps. Remove unused APIs.
7. ALWAYS monitor what your friends and loved ones tweet about you. This is information that can be used to strengthen a phishing attack.