Kaspersky Labs shares a highly advanced new Facebook worm.  This new Javascript based worm can spread from three different browsers (IE, Chrome, and Firefox) providing a cross platform attack.

Facebook – Advanced New LilyJade Cross Platform Worm

It is quite rare to analyze a malicious file written in the form of a cross-platform browser plugin. It is, however, even rarer to come across plugins created using cross-browser engines. In this post, we will look into a Facebook worm that was written using the Crossrider system – a system still in beta testing.

It uses The Crossrider system, which is intended for writing unified plugins for Internet Explorer (version 7 onwards), Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome. This malicious program is a an excellent example of Malware 2.0-class programs based on modern web technologies, using social networks to propagate themselves and generating illegal incomes for their owners by spoofing various services.