Smartphone users should always be careful of applications installed and links selected as malware attacks continue to increase for this vector

Android Malware – McAfee shows increase for Q1 2012

QUOTE: According to McAfee the number of malicious Android apps surged from the hundreds to the thousands in the first quarter of 2012, compared to the same period last year. In “McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2012” the company reported that the number of mobile threats on Android reached 7,000 samples, while Symbian, Java ME (mobile edition), and “others” combined reached only 1,000.

The figures are alarming, but it’s still fairly easy to keep your Android devices clean of malware. For starters, steer clear of third-party app stores (outside Google Play or Amazon App Store for Android). Unlike in the PC environment where worms can spread without any user involvement, mobile infections still rely on users installing malicious apps.