These are starting to surface in all vectors (e.g., email, Facebook, malicious websites, etc)

London 2012 Olympics – Please be careful of Malware attacks

QUOTE: Cyber-criminals are using the upcoming summer Olympic Games in London as bait to lure unsuspecting Internet users to their malicious websites and scams. The Department of Homeland Security laid out the many threats to the Olympic Games in a detailed warning last week. DHS warned about politically-motivated attempts to disrupt the Games that may use physical methods or cyber-attacks, such as defacing websites and distributed-denial-of-service attacks. The warning also devoted a section to potential spear phishing attacks to steal information and malware and spam designed to divert Internet users to malicious sites.

Internet users need to beware of social engineering scams, malware redirects, poisoned search results using blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and regular scams, DHS warned. The DHS is also worried about the potential of malicious mobile apps masquerading as Olympic-related applications.