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McAfee Study – 1 in 6 users do not use AV protection

QUOTE: You’ve got antivirus protection, I’m sure – perhaps you even have a full security suite installed. But what about your friends and neighbors? A study by security giant McAfee reveals that one in six consumers worldwide either has no security protection installed or has protection that’s disabled. An optimist might say instead that five in six do have protection. However, the billions who don’t cause trouble for all of us, as their PCs can easily be co-opted to spread malware, spew spam, or participate in distributed denial of service attacks.

 Who’s Safest? – According to McAfee’s report, the top five best-protected countries are, in descending order: Finland, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and Denmark. In Finland, a hair over 90 percent of consumers have at least basic security protection installed on their PCs. That figure drops to a bit over 86 percent in Italy and on down to 85 percent in Denmark.