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Windows 8 Release Preview – released today with Metro compliant apps

The apps were highlighted as a key surpise in early reivew of the new Windows 8 version released to the public today

Windows 8 Release Preview: Microsoft gets its apps together


QUOTE:  Microsoft’s carefully timed unveiling of Windows 8 has been frustratingly incomplete. Today’s launch of the Release Preview fills in many of the missing pieces, with the biggest surprise being a rich and polished collection of Metro style apps. Microsoft publicly unveiled the Windows 8 Release Preview today. If you’ve been skeptical of Windows 8 so far, prepare to be surprised. Microsoft’s painstakingly staged reveal started with a Developer Preview last September, followed by a Consumer Preview at the end of February. Each milestone has unveiled new features, but the overall picture has been frustratingly incomplete.


Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview: What’s in and what’s out
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